Martin McKee

martin mckee mug shot

Martin is the guy that first got the ball rolling for Manchester Made.

Having been involved in a Manchester based, family run, internet start-up for many years, Martin started to develop the idea of an independent company. Using his business experience and utilising the skills of the team around him, Martin was able to make that idea a reality and the outcome is Manchester Made. Our clients are often in close communication with Martin throughout the duration of their projects as he works tirelessly to ensure that projects remain on track and clients expectations are always met. Martin sometimes wears the same clothes as Jim.

Billy Mahmood

billy mug shot

Billy is the guy who's work our clients never see, but always appreciate.

With his years of experience, wealth of knowledge in programming languages, commitment to detail and his drive to find new and innovative development methods, he will have your website and apps running like clockwork.

Although he initially dreamed of becoming the next Steven Spielberg, he soon found another strength; Website development. Since beginning his journey more than 8 years ago studying Multimedia & Internet Technologies; he has built software including, Payroll Solutions, Data Management Software, Bespoke Shopping Carts and Marketing Solutions.

Billy hasn’t forgotten his passion for photography and his skill for movie making and is often seen with his camera creating humorous movie skits staring his colleagues!

Andrew Watson

andy mug shot

Andy is proof that a leopard really can change its spots.

Andy started his career as a Graphic Designer over 15 years ago and whilst refining his traditional design skills, the link between Graphic Design and the web became apparent. He began to develop his digital skills and after being self taught for many years, Andy is now a highly proficient front and back-end developer. Utilising his unique blend of design, development, UI, and UX disciplines, Andy is able to deliver the bespoke solutions our clients wish for. By keeping a close eye on this rapidly changing industry, he also keeps the team up to date on the latest trends and technologies.

Martin Gray

gray mug shot

Martin is the guy that redefines the term, 'multidisciplinary.'

If something doesn't work, we ask Martin. Email, servers, printers, networks, telecoms - Martin definitely keeps things running smoothly at the office. Beyond that though, Martin's broad spectrum of knowledge benefits our clients too. When clients need third party services such as analytics, email campaigns and various forms of tracking, it will be Martin who links those services to the website or app and then moderates them so the client gets the best of what they have to offer. These services often provide our clients with ideas about how they can improve their service and Martin is at the heart of that.

Jim Trippier

jim mug shot

There's no 'i' in team, but there is in Jim.

Of course, that attitude simply wouldn't work at Manchester Made so we are fortunate that it isn't a statement in which Jim truly believes. On the contrary, Jim's background in Graphic Design & Illustration means he gets involved in most of the projects we work on. The skills that Jim developed at the University of Salford are an invaluable addition to the team. Focusing only on the visual aspects of our projects allows Jim to think freely, unconstrained by the limitations of technology, which in turn challenges the development team to create websites and apps that defy the usual conventions. Jim sometimes wears the same clothes as Martin.

Ryan Downes

ryan shot

Ryan is our newest recruit. Our newest front-end, designer and developer.

Ryan studied Web Development at Manchester Metropolitan University and although he's a front-end guy primarily, he's rising to all the challenges we throw at him and is rapidly expanding his skill set. Ryan came to us after a months internship at Reading Room Manchester, where he was able to refine the skills he had acquired at university. Ryan brought to the team a knowledge of the latest front-end technologies but he appreciates that learning never ends in this industry, so he always keeps up to date with trends and advances by closely following the work of some of the industries most revered peers.